Busamaga in 2010 – distributing 248 bed nets

Wednesday 23rd June: text message from Neil

So, today was the first day of distribution of the malaria nets. Moses kindly rounded up the first three villages of children, pregnant ladies and heads of households using a large battery-powered megaphone and a motorbike ! The staff distributed 248 bed-nets to all the eligibles. Have got loads of photos. Can’t wait to share them with you all.

The response from the community has been amazing. The school kids love Jen’s pupils’ posters of sources of vitamin A and the bed-net education stations worked beautifully – complete with Rangeworthy School’s buddy bear posing as a Ugandan baby !

Thursday 23rd June: text message from Jenny

Another phenomenal day! My head feels fit to burst with everything I am learning. I spent this morning working with the SHAPE team on Project Bednet, distributing around 100 nets by lunchtime. However, the importance of the project was really brought home with many very poorly, very young children coming to see us – 90% testing positive for malaria.

It is heartbreaking to know that without the treatment we were able to give them today many would have died from this horrible infection when something so simple as sleeping under a bed net would so significantly prevent them getting the infection in the first place. A couple of £ to save a child’s life…

In the afternoon I visited a primary school which was fantastic, our children could learn a lot from the children here, often 100 or more in a class and impeccable behaviour! They were all delighted with their pencils too, such a small gift yet hugely appreciated and valued.

Thursday 23rd June: text message from Neil

Another hugely successful day. A further 350 bed-nets distributed by our superb team. Had very positive discussions with the government District Medical Officer of Sironko district.

Of the sick young children that came to the clinic, around 90% tested positive for falciparum malaria, for which they received curative treatment, highlighting the tremendous importance of the life saving SHAPE Project Bednet.

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