Busamaga Bed Net Survey 2015

Report on a survey of bednet usage around Busamaga by SHAPE committee members Julie Garnham and Shân South

On the afternoon of Sunday we commenced the bednet audit. In 3 villages Kama, Upper Bunazomi and Bunambozo in the parish of Busamaga, 90 homes were sampled, 30 in each village.

A questionnaire was prepared and Staff were recruited from the local area to assist with the data collection which took place over 3 days. All were trained in the purpose and nature of the survey and how to use the questionnaire which was filled in by staff following an interview with each household. Verbal approval was sought from all survey participants prior to the undertaking the questionnaire.

Questions included demographic details (number in household, number of children under 5), number of nets in household and who was sleeping under the nets at night. Staff also requested to inspect the net(s) and asked household members about correct use and care of their nets. Staff checked the state of the nets and whether they had any holes. The timing of survey, early December, corresponded with the rainy season which is a time of increased mosquito activity.

The results can be summarised as:

  1. About 15% of the households contained 1 adult, 50% two adults and the rest more than two with a maximum of 8.
  2. The households surveyed had an average of between 3 to 4 children under 16.
  3. The households surveyed had an average of between 1 to 2 children under 5.
  4. About 1 in 10 of the households had pregnant women.
  5. Only 4 households out of the 90 surveyed didn’t have a net, the average was about 2 per household.
  6. The nets had been in use on average by between 2 and 3 years.
  7. About 85% of the nets were used 7 nights a week, almost all the rest were not used but 2 were only used during the rainy season.
  8. In a significant number of households the nets were used by adults rather than children including those under 5.
  9. Almost all householders said that they understood the link between malaria and mosquitoes.
  10. About a third of the nets inspected were in a very good condition and about half in either a good or fair condition. The rest were poor.
  11. All households said they knew how to repair nets but 20% had never done so.
  12. Almost all householders knew that arms and legs should be tucked under the nets.
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