About Easyfundraising

How this works

Online retailers make a small payment to internet sites that attract customers to them.

By accessing an online store via our page at easyfundraising.org.uk that payment comes to us.

Recently we have been getting 1.5% of the cost of purchases from Amazon. Other retailers give more or less than this.

It is a small amount but it all adds up and we get a payment from easyfundraising every quarter.

It is a donation from you so you are given an option to Gift Aid it.

What you have to do

The first time you shop you will be asked to register with easyfundraising and assign us as your supported charity.

Then every time you want your purchase to support us you have to access the retailer via the link at the top of this page so that they know where to allocate the payment.

Are there any disadavantages?

Not really. You will get an email every now and again from easyfundrasing, mainly as a reminder about using them to help us.

You do have to remember to come to this page before you make the purchase (we often forget if it’s just a small purchase !).

Are there any privacy problems?

None that you can’t avoid. We don’t see the email address that you use to register or a list of people who have registered.

You can chose not to give a name that will show in the list of ‘top five supporters’.

Our Treasurer can see the date, retailer and value of each purchase but not who made it.

If you chose to give a name that would show in the ‘top five supporters’ and made a single big purchase that put you into that list then we could probably guess where you had shopped.