Supporting Health in Africa and Promoting Education (SHAPE) is a small charity run by 6 volunteers based in Gloucestershire.

Our aim is to help people in Africa gain access to good primary health care:

  • to provide and facilitate healthcare services in communities in Africa where access is currently limited or absent
  • to aim for the elimination of diseases within the community that are easily and cheaply preventable and treatable
  • to work in partnership with local communities to facilitate and disseminate health education

We are registered with the UK Charities Commission in May 2008. For details enter our Charity number 1124253 on the Charities Commission web site. You can see the trustees and other community members of the charity here. Our contact details are here.

Initially SHAPE provided charitable work in both Ethiopia and Uganda, but evolved into two distinct ‘groups’, one in Gloucestershire helping communities in Uganda (as per this website), and one in Shropshire helping communities in Ethiopia www.shepethiopia.org.uk.

Our work in Uganda continues to go from strength to strength and is focussed on assisting health care provision through a Health Centre in Busamaga, Uganda.